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Treating water without hazardous chemicals

Revolutionary solutions that protect the environment

Visionary engineering with long-term benefits

Proven in over 4 000 installations worldwide

Improving water system efficiency

Encouraging natural reactions instead of adding chemicals

Helping industry to save water and costs

Cost-effective solutions for scale, corrosion and bio-contamination


While most traditional water treatment methods aim to resist or inhibit the minerals that disrupt the water’s natural balance, UNIVERSAL ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY (UET) restores this balance by calculating the dynamic equilibrium curve for a particular water system and then balancing the excess minerals into the correct proportions through a process of electrolysis.


UET’s revolutionary treatment solutions are based on unique algorithms, tried and tested in major installations across the world. This unique electrochemical process not only restores the natural equilibrium of the water without adding hazardous chemicals, but also leaves the water system free of deposits, corrosion and bio-contamination.

Chemical reactions
By applying DC voltage to electrodes in the treatment chambers, H+ and OH- ions are produced by partial electrolysis of the water, which promotes scale formation in the chambers, preventing it from occurring throughout the water system.

Cleaning the system
The addition of H+ ions produces biocides through the process of electro-chlorination, which eliminates bacteria and viruses in the water system. The electrolysis process also promotes oxidation and causes electro-coagulation and flocculation, thus removing heavy metals from the water.


Total Water Savings


Total Cost Savings


Total Chemical Reduction


UET’s non-chemical water treatment systems may be tailored to both new and existing installations, with end-to-end design, manufacture and servicing support.

Closed Cooling System – UET- CCWS

UET’s solution for closed cooling systems prevents corrosion and bio-contamination by oxidizing and separating metals, enabling the safe repeated reuse of water without using chemicals.

The build-up of rust, scale and bio-life in closed cooling systems may cause blockages, leaks or an overall decrease in water pressure. UET’s CCWS system controls the production of scale inside the unit and prevents scale deposit throughout the water system. Corrosion is prevented by balancing the minerals in the water and oxidising excess metals.

The UET unit also activates the Cl- which is naturally in the water into Cl2 which eliminates bio-life without chemical biocides.

Total Water Management

UET’s solutions can be customized to address water problems in industrial, commercial and municipal facilities, according to the client’s specific engineering requirements.

UET offers a complete solution including design, engineering, integrating and servicing for both existing and new facilities, helping clients rebalance their water supplies, cut costs and save precious resources.

Through its carefully selected partners, UET is able to deliver a turnkey service to manage and maintain water treatment systems across the globe.

Supply Water System – UET-SW

UET’s solution for general feed water purposes prevents scale, corrosion and bio-contamination in the feed line, enabling the safe use of drinking water for various applications without the application of chemicals.

The technology applied in UET’s drinking water systems provides a wide range of protection to ensure the good quality of the water; this includes Fe removal, Mn removal, electro-coagulation prior to filtration, disinfection and more. Using UET-SW, clients can be assured of a sustained and consistent quality of drinking water grade feed to their facility.

Reverse Osmosis – UET-RO

Using UET’s technology will solve all major interferences and protect membranes for the smooth operation of Reverse Osmosis systems without chemical pre-treatments.

UET’s RO system uses water electrolysis for the pre-treatment of RO membranes to control hard water deposits and minimize corrosion and bio-contamination. This natural process concentrates the scale deposits inside the electrolysis unit and reduces the scaling of the Reverse Osmosis membranes, improving the flow of water.

Water Disinfection – UET-D-GO

UET’s system to combat bacterial contamination in water systems involves activating the natural elements in water in situ to produce biocides and eliminate bacteria without adding chemicals.

As water passes through the disinfection unit, a DC voltage applied to electrodes in its chambers causes partial electrolysis of the water. This unique electro-chemical process creates natural biocides which have been proved to successfully disinfect the water through eliminating legionella, salmonella, pseudomonas and other bio-contaminants.

Hot Water System – UET- HW

UET’s solution for hot water systems prevents scale, corrosion and bio-contamination in the water system, enabling the safe repeated reuse of water without using chemicals.

Water heated to high temperatures forms scale. This scale settles on the heat exchangers, the bottom of the tanks and in the pipelines, and may also be a source for bacteria growth such as legionella. UET-HW is located on the circulation line and removes scale at a predetermined amount and speed. The water remaining in the system is balanced and scale or corrosion issues are therefore eliminated.

Cooling Tower System (UET – CT)

UET’s most widely used three-in-one technology treats open cooling systems to prevent scale, corrosion and bacterial contamination, enabling water reuse and eliminating chemical consumption.

The UET Cooling Tower treatment system is designed to utilize the natural properties of water to solve three problems simultaneously: scale, corrosion and bacterial contamination. Each system is custom-designed according to the mineral composition of the local water source, using a unique algorithm to determine the exact chemical reactions necessary to neutralize excess minerals.


UET can improve a water treatment system’s performance and energy efficiency; minimizing costs, saving water, and reducing environmental contamination.

UET has developed a range of revolutionary non-chemical water treatment solutions that improve the performance of heating and cooling systems, minimizing costs and damage to the environment. You too can enjoy the benefits of our sustainable and non-chemical water treatment technology:

  • Water conservation through increased recycling and reuse
  • Cost reductions
  • Reduced chemical use – cutting purchase, shipping and storage costs
  • Cutting maintenance & servicing costs and equipment down-time
  • Ecological benefits – preventing the release of chemicals & other hazardous additives into the environment.